#927 Shot of the day – packing light

I just finished packing for my trip to Sydney – flying out in about four hours. I’m trying to take as little as possible – some white tee shirts, a couple of sweaters, a few shirts, some jeans, swimming shorts, a blazer and a book. I’ll be there a week. This is my first ever trip over to Sydney to hang out and take in the sights – I’ve only been twice before, both times for Fashion Weeks. I have a few things lined up so far – an interview with up and coming designer Dion Lee and a top-ten-things-to-do-in-Sydney for the Herald.


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  1. Leonie says

    I second Bronte. Centenniel Park for people watching. Might see you near the Opera House on Saturday night. Going to the theatre. Have a great trip Isaac.

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