#931 My other (other) obsessions

Besides talking about fashion all day long and growing the thickest, most luxurious moustaches imaginable, I have two other obsessions. Teacups and religion (but not necessarily in that order). Today I got to enjoy three out of four. First stop, Mitchell Road Auctions where I bought a set of four vintage orange glass teacups (see below). Second stop, the Sydney Baha’i Temple in Mona Vale (see above). I’ll be writing about both locations as two of my ten top-ten-things-to-do-in-Sydney list for the Herald. The third, of course was the moustache, which is so visible now I almost look my father (who sports a healthy moustache year-round), and which I swear grew at least a milimetre or so over the course of the full day excursion.

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  1. says

    Isaac,I suppose I’m relatively new to reading your blog and didn’t realise that you are a Bahai! Both my parents are Bahai’s and I was raised as one,but I have not yet made up my mind about whether I want to become one or not,as an adult.I’m off to sydney soon so maybe i should take a trip to the temple…..hmmmm…..weird that right when I start considering the Bahai faith,i also start reading a blog by someone who is a Bahai especially when most people I meet have never heard of the religion……in-ter-esting!!!

  2. k says

    That church looks amazing. I am not really one for churches, and haven’t really been to any, but in terms of architecture, it is pretty amazing.

    Pity you didn’t get to tick off your fourth obsession.

    I don’t believe you have a visible moustache. Post a pic to prove it.

  3. Anonymous says

    If I had a dollar for every person who has said to me ‘if I was going to join a religion it would be the Baha’i Faith’ I would be as rich as Bill Gates.

    Tolstoy wrote : ‘We spend our lives trying to unlock the secrets of the universe but there was a prisoner (Baha’u’llah) who had the keys’.

    Pierre St Emilion

  4. Anonymous says

    What does ‘Anonymous’ mean – a ‘monotheistic religion’ ? Is Anonymous into plural Gods ? I’d be interested to know with which Gods Anonymous communes ?

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