#937 Made to measure

I’ve gone on a made to measure spending frenzy over the past few months. First up, two pairs of pants from Crane Brothers cut from my original Little Brother beige pants. This meant giving up the beloved pair for two or so weeks – I don’t know how I survived – but it was a necessary evil, the originals were just about on their last legs. The two new pairs are: one replica beige pair (see below); and one dusty navy blue pair made from this cotton that feels just like linen. I liked the dusty blue cloth so much that I had Murray make me up a blazer to match the pants – et voila, my new uniform for summer.

I took Corinna into Crane Brothers with me yesterday to pick up the blazer, and Murray noticed straight away that she was wearing my old pair of beige pants. He commented that they looked better on her than they ever did on me (whatever Murray), so I decided to just shoot the new outfits on her.

In the top photo she’s wearing the new Crane Brothers blue suit, grey Comme Play sweater, made to measure cream Crane Brothers shirt and beige Clarks Desert Boots. I was sitting opposite this guy at the Thom Browne show in New York who was wearing Desert Boots with no socks and I liked it so much I’m going to have to adopt it for summer.

In the bottom photo she’s wearing the blue Crane blazer, maroon Comme Play sweater, cream Crane shirt, new made to measure beige pants and navy Chucks. That’s about as classic an outfit of mine as you can possibly get.

Now, on another topic, that grey Comme sweater has been lying unworn in my wardrobe for months and months due to two massive and unfortunate stretch marks from coat hangers. My good friend Dayne told me that the way to get them out is to iron them with lots of steam. I finally got round to trying it yesterday and it worked a treat. I was so excited about it that I told my Dad all about it when I picked him up from the airport about an hour later. He told me if it was such a big deal, I should blog about it. So there we are.

And, finally, the reason for my lack of blogging of late. First off, I was pretty exhausted and still am after my trip to Sydney. Then I had to spend the most part of Thursday writing my Dion Lee profile (you’ll see it on Monday), after which I went to the Showroom 22 media open day. And then yesterday I spent the entire morning styling a shoot for the Journal of the Chartered Accountants of New Zealand (I know, it sounds crazy); then picked up my Dad from the airport; drove Corinna around to a couple of castings; drove my Dad out to Henderson to see friends, then went to the Workshop store opening last night (it was a crazy party – I’ve never seen so many people – I’ll go and do pics of the store once it’s opened officially). Plus, to be honest, the news of Daul Kim passing yesterday kind of took it out of me. I didn’t know her at all or anything, but that whole final blog that she wrote really affected me.

I thought it was important to include that quote from models.com because that’s as truthful a statement about the situation as I could have imagined. Money, fame, beauty, popularity, it’s all irrelevant if you’re unhappy.

Anyway, I’ve felt like a terrible blogger over the past few days so I just thought I should explain myself.


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