#938 Happy Birthday Rebeccah!

It was my beautiful and amazing and PREGNANT!!! sister Rebeccah’s birthday yesterday. I called her about 7500 times to wish her a happy birthday and never got through so, Rebeccah, just in case you’re reading this, I love you lots and hope you had a great day. For everyone else’s benefit, this is a picture taken of me and Rebeccah in San Francisco back in 2004 when I was a straight West Coast thuggin’ gangsta throwing up my Grey Lynn hood… with a pink belt. And yes, my sister is way stronger than me.


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  1. Joe London says

    DAHA i found out about you through dat clip u had on closeup, searching d herald or sum site lyk dat..random buzz :S anyways ur flippin hilarious bruh, i stay in grey lynn as to y i comment dis post..lol

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