#939 America’s Next Top Model coming to NZ? UPDATED

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The plot thickens… I’ve just spoken to Nicole Wood, Group Publicist for TV3, who told me that while TV3 does show the series, they’re not directly involved with anything that might or might not be happening. And, as far as she told me, she hasn’t heard anything about it. BUT I’ve just received an email from an anonymous source saying that the show is definitely going to be filming here in New Zealand, the girls arrive this week and they’re going to be shooting the final three episodes (including some kind of fashion show that will require local models). Can anyone else confirm that for me? Comment below anonymously or email me on isaac@isaaclikes.com

The rumour mills are literally going overtime with the news that Tyra Banks’ famous franchise America’s Next Top Model is coming to film an episode here in New Zealand (presumably courtesy of TV3). Katherine is Awesome first floated the story two weeks ago on 10 November, writing “I have been told by a good source…America’s Next Top Model is coming to film in New Zealand!” Not quite as informative as I might have liked, but hey, it’s a start. So I did some digging. Lots of people have heard about it, nobody wants to talk. Why? Let’s start with a little five million dollar confidentiality agreement. According to two different anonymous sources, prospective ANTM collaborators are being asked to sign a contract stating that they will not breathe a word about the proceedings, with a penalty of five million dollars if they do so. I always love these confidentiality agreements. In the ten seconds it took me to write the last sentence I had a good think about how many people in the NZ industry actually have five million dollars. I drew a blank.

According to my two sources, the company has been in talks with people for ages – approximately six months – with no foreseeable end to the talks or action plan established as of yet. Once again that is according to two anonymous sources placed at high levels in the local fashion industry, but if they know more, they’re certainly not telling me.

If it does go ahead, I’ve been told that the Top Model contenders will be in New Zealand for one episode, most likely to be the third to last of the season – the runway challenge. The faux fashion show will also feature local New Zealand models (possibly some NZ’s Next Top Model alumni?) and presumably local designers’ clothing.

That’s about all I know at this point. Apparently Australia is also in the running for the show so if it doesn’t happen here, it’ll most probably go there. I’ll await developments with keen interest.

If you know anything and would like to share it with the world, don’t hesitate to comment anonymously below. I have no way of finding your IP address or email address or any other such things, so rest assured that it will be truly anonymous.


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  1. Anonymous says

    I don’t know about this but i’d much prefer that Ru Paul’s Drag Race come here instead. Ru Paul Out-Tyras Tyra and we could have Colin what’s-his-face as a contestant, barely any work needed and he’d totally win.
    Sashay away….!

  2. k says

    I’ve heard they’re arriving at the end of the month and that coincides with what you’ve heard so it MUST BE TRUE!

    I hope.

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