#943 Shot of the day – old faithfuls

My obsession with wearing the same thing day in and day out didn’t start with my beige pants. As a 12 year old I wore a pair of Boom jeans with a navy Quiksilver tee shirt every day for about nine months. At 22 I bought my first pair of super skinny jeans – black Van Winkles by Tsubi. I wore them every day for about 18 months. They’re now a very dirty faded grey. Then I bought the above pair of Van Winkles. They were dark blue at the time. Look at them now. None of that pre faded BS. The trick to getting the best worn in jeans on the planet is to wear them every day and never wash them. I’ve had those ones about three years and washed them twice.


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  1. says

    so many of the clothes in my wardrobe have never (or hardly ever) been washed. As long as they arent dirty/soiled/smelly i dont see the point. They look better for it and last SO MUCH LONGER.

    Similarly, I get so annoyed at customers returning garments at work that have been washed a million times and now have holes – its only fine cotton people, not titanium.


    ps got me a breton tee!!

  2. Anonymous says

    ummm sorry to bust in on the private conversation guys…. but seriously only washing jeans twice in 3 years (ewwwwww yuck) I can understand letting the denim develop for the first 6 months, but my inner hygienist says NO NO NO to any longer than this!!!

    A helpful tip if you don’t want to dunk the precious denims in the machine is to steam them in the bathroom when you shower, close the windows, have a super hot long steaming shower with your denim hanging in the room. Its definitely not a hot machine wash, but it does freshen the fabric up a touch (and works wonders on getting creases out of silk dresses too) it also sure does beat having stinky poo boy pants for errrrr 3 years.

    Ps: Emma where do you work?

  3. says

    ooh good tip Anon! Would that mean that the clothes i leave on my towel rail get incidentally freshened up when I shower? Bonus!
    I do wash my gym gear though haha promise.

    I work at country road – we have a very understanding refund/faulty policy. Compared to some stores that don’t even accept exchanged!! (I took me about half an hour (on the verge of tears) at one boutique recently to get them to EXCHANGE a pair of $500 shoes for some worth even more than that. I could not believe how difficult it was – even though they would be making a profit!

  4. k says

    I heart country road. I love the mens socks. Plus they are one of the only places that does actual refunds.

    I agree, if it isn’t dirty, soiled or smelly, why bother?

    Underwear are an exception though.

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi Isaac, Hi Emma.

    Emma its come to my attention that you are neglecting your blog…. its been ages since an update, and it is soooooo pretty, please keep it up, it has a lovely female touch to it.

    Perhaps Isaac & Emma you should work together on a “super blog” Isaac covers mens runway & Emma the women’s? Just a suggestion.

    Ps: So great that smokers cant make our clothes stinky anymore, I was getting over hanging my frocks out to air the day after a night out.

  6. says

    Hey Anon,
    are you checking the old blog the the new?
    The old blog http://ragpony.blogspot.com was suspended for “3 days” for “questionable content” (a semi nude fashion editorial i think) but was actually down for 3 months. Its only just been re-abled.

    The new site (which I update every day – and have done since I started it 3 months ago) is:

    I’ll be transferring over all the best content from the hold one I think. V frustrating situation!!

    So have a look at the new one :)


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