#944 A Model, Idiot

I’ve just been busy Youtube-ing for the past hour or so – I’m currently obsessed with True by Spandau Ballet and Wicked Games by Chris Isaak. The Chris Isaak video features supermodel Helena Christensen. So I started watching videos of her. Who knew she was Danish? Anyway, I found the clip above. It’s from MTV back in 1996. The topic – are models stupid? It’s hilarious and amazing and the clothing is rave-tastic – the presenter is wearing a clear plastic bag. They got one of the questions wrong though. The biggest organ in the body is the skin.


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  1. ina says

    good one my friend, good one!!!
    so easy to put people in a box so hard to keep an open mind and find truth for yourself! go Isaac for blowing the prejudices into pieces!

  2. says

    Ah yes, I discovered this video a few months ago. My favourite part (other than Helena being super hot) is when an American model uses incorrect English in her answer to ‘are models stupid’. Maybe she needs to make her grammar ‘more better’

  3. Anonymous says

    Ive met a lot of models in my time, no they are not all stupid of course not,some of them are well read with amazing book smarts, but it seems that when you get a stupid one its an exaggeration of general stupidity. One thing I have noticed and at times found highly entertaining is how so many models ( more than what I have experienced with non-models), have absolutely no idea when people are taking the piss or joking. For example a model came to dinner after a shoot and we were chatting away, she began to recite a story that someone had told her…but that person had been joking, she thought it was fact. It was hilarious. Maybe its because most of them miss school to model and not only miss education but some of the social things you pick up along the way….like sarcasm and general knowledge or the ability to realise when something couldnt be true because its scientifically impossible.

  4. Anonymous says

    I think that stereotype is the biggest load of crud!
    I know an agency in New Zealand which has at least 2 models who are medical students, and one of them is an international model. There are also a lot of models there and all over the country that are in University. I totally agree with the host of that video saying that just because models don’t necessarily use all their intelligence on the cat walk, it doesn’t mean they are not intelligent.

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