#945 Face Hunter party tonight!

Calling all young, beautiful, old, peculiar and/or vaguely interesting people. Come one, come all. Yvan Rodic aka Face Hunter is here for one night only (tonight) and he’s throwing a party to celebrate his arrival in New Zealand. Held at Plaything Gallery on Dacre Street in Newton, it starts at 7 and ends at 10 and Yvan will be running around taking pictures for his blog. So make sure you’re dressed in your Sunday best and who knows, you might get Face Hunted (see what I did there?). The party organisers keep telling me that the guest list is full but I promise on my good name that if you turn up and storm the doors you’ll get in. Just tell them I said so. Or ask for Yasmine (that might be a more sensible idea). Tell all your friends! See you tonight!


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  1. oldgirl says

    coming up to auckland to-morrow for a ragtrade wedding.Pity not up to-night I the old girl could have come to the party. is that Yasmine Farry you have to ask for?

  2. Anonymous says

    Slight Correction=) Plaything is giving the room to hire, But its the Wonderful Kelly Jin of designerdirection.co.nz and Lou Draper of rockstar Pr Hosting the party in Yvans honour

  3. says

    Oh man!!! May the fashion gods look kindly upon us and send the intriguing (Sp?) beguiling and best dressed we have to this event and not a promo girl or car wh@#e in her fave uggies, pink mini dress from supre and white blonde extensions with black underneath mince and cheese hair….

  4. says

    re:west, pretty sure the fashion gods turned half the girls there into promo girls tonight anyway. and some of the guys could pass as them too.


  5. Anonymous says

    Sounds embarrassing….so anyone who thinks they are cool puts on their most fashiony outfit and goes along in the hope he takes their photo? Sounds like Norrie for the teens. Surely its cooler if he actually finds people on the street to shoot?

  6. Anonymous says

    This is more like shooting faces in a barrel than actually face “hunting” isn’t it? “hey guys, get dressed up for the photographer”. It’s more of an orchestrated photoshoot than “street style”.

  7. says

    To the two disgruntled anons:

    It was a party organised in honour of Face Hunter being in New Zealand. He happened to take some photos while he was at the party.

    Quit your whining.

  8. says

    What an amazing night! Thank you Isaac for all your plugging – the publicity was fantastic! Look forward to your support of our events in the future.

    Thank you
    Lou x

  9. Mr E says

    I agree with Isaac. Quit your whining x2 Anon.

    If people dressed up – so what? It was a PARTY, not a BBQ or workout at the gym. Most civilised people would dress nicely if they were to attend a semi-formal function & good on them if Mr Rodic took their photo.

  10. says

    Hey Isaac,

    Just saying thanks for the shout out on George and hope that you enjoyed yourself. The girls from DD put alot of hard work into putting the party on for Facehunter & it was a great evening.

    Calypso also snapped you in our gallery that’s up on DD 😉

    Hope to catch up with you when I move up in Jan :)


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