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Exciting news… There’s a new street style blog in town. Auckland Street Style. It was created by a very pretty young girl named Olivia Coote (I stalked her Facebook profile), it’s been running for about four days and it has four photographs up so far. I’m excited for three reasons:
1. We’ve never had a dedicated street style blog here in Auckland before.
2. She takes a good photograph.
3. One of her first subjects was Corinna, so you know she’s got good taste.
4. I like her fonts.
That was four reasons but I just thought of the last one at the end. The moral of the story is – look out The Sartorialist (if you ever come to New Zealand).


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  1. Anonymous says

    I’m sorry but isn’t your 3rd reason rather vein? Corinna is wearing your clothes again it would seem, so essentially it is your style completely. You may as well have said “Yeah, what can I say, I’m sooooo stylish that it’s ridiculous”. I’m not saying you’re not stylish, but c’mon…..

  2. Anonymous says

    This could have potential. I have seen some street style on a nz fashion blogsite but cant remember the name. Think it was the group that had the Facehunter party?? Designerdirection?

  3. says

    Great to see more street style coming out of NZ! And to anonymous above Designer Direction does do a bit of street style in our Sure.Shot section.

    I must say I do like the font that Olivia has used too. Agree with you there Isaac.


  4. Anonymous says

    RE: reason 2…
    “She takes a good photograph.”

    Really??? Are you serious?

    Photographing anyone with a wide-angle lens from up close makes them look like they have a big head/torso, short stumpy legs, and tiny feet.

    The photographer should take a lesson from The Satorialist and…
    > Back-up
    > Use a longer lens
    > Shoot from a slightly lower angle
    > Pay attention to how the light is actually falling on the subject
    > Avoid including distracting background elements (like bright yellow courier vans)
    > Not be afraid to crop if it results in a better shot

    All pretty basic Photography 101 stuff really.

  5. says

    Thank you for the photography tips, truly. I am not a professional, I’ve never been taught. Trying my best and learning as I go. Will take all your tips on board.

    Unfortunately I only have the one lens though. And I quite liked that yellow van! Oh well.

    Thank you Anonymous!

  6. anonjmous says

    two things.

    1. way to blow the insult anonymous poster 1.
    2. don’t be a douche with the photography tips anonymous person 2.

  7. K says

    It’ll be interesting to see who gets on the site. Auckland has a million people in it, but I still think it’s a relatively small pool to work within. I wonder if the same people will be repeated over and over?

    I like the font also.

  8. Anonymous says


    So providing constructive critcism = being a douche.

    And posting inane, pointless, name-calling comments is, like, really really clever???

  9. says

    I think it’s a great effort by Olivia and Olivia, if you are reading, well done on the gracious response to the criticism :)

    Anonymous poster – while your criticism was well intentioned it could have been a bit more encouraging i.e less the critique of her photography skill in your first sentence. After all she is a newbie and is still learning.

    Good tips though Anonymous, and I am going to pass them along to our street style photographers!

  10. says

    woah this post has got some heated comments going!
    I’m going to be chucking on the ice, coz I just wanted to say how cool this is and how excited I am that there’s a proper Auckland street style blog now.
    I hope I’ll get snapped one day :)

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