#949 Tyra-gate – ANTM in NZ… more rumours

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Okay so I’ve been calling everyone I know who might possibly have a little bit of information about America’s Next Top Model filming in New Zealand, and there are two camps. Those who know but ain’t talking, and those who know nothing. But sometimes not talking can still convey a few sneaky facts, so here’s what I’ve got. According to one source (let’s call them X), Tyra Banks herself arrives here in New Zealand next week.

X also says the filming will all be done largely around the South Island, with an emphasis on Queenstown.

This too, from X, there will be a runway challenge with local girls involved, all of whom will come from 62 Models.

But then, contradictorily, I heard from another source (let’s call them Y), that some filming might be done in the South Island but the production company is also looking for locations in Auckland, Wellington and other North Island centres.

Who to believe, X or Y?

I also know that a fair few people have signed that USD$5,000,000 confidentiality contract. The likelihood of getting them to talk is slim to non-existent. So, if you know anything that I don’t, don’t hesitate to comment anonymously below (it truly is anonymous, I have no way of tracking you down), or if you’re feeling really brave, email me on isaac@isaaclikes.com


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  1. Anonymous says

    i have heard from good sources that it IS happening
    thought it was pretty weird that they wouldnt run it again after previous success, just didnt make sense!

  2. Anonymous says

    i have a REALLY good source… (alas i can’t name them) but they have been directly involved in organising this from the US…

    a la ‘bachelor’ the filming is to be based in the north island in particular auckland…

  3. Anonymous says

    They MUST go to Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. Tyra likes to break down stereotypes, after all. =P
    I absolutely will NOT have anymore of New Zealand being painted as an entirely rural backwater.

  4. Anonymous says

    They were filming in and around Auckland today for the ‘go-see’ section of the show. I saw models going in and out of a K’rd designer’s address – film crew and corporate cabs in tow.

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