#955 Final day Mogress report

What with all the excitement surrounding the Pearl Going chronicles, I’d just about forgotten about my glorious Movember moustache. Today is the final day of Movember, which means you have one last chance to SPONSOR ME. Let’s face it, that’s a pretty impressive moustache by anybody’s standards. So I think you should DONATE WILLINGLY AND GENEROUSLY. Let the coffers swell with your LIBERAL MONETARY GIFTS. To SPONSOR ME, click here. Thanks.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Not sure about the mo, but when I saw what youv’e done with your hair I thought “very Mad Men”, nice. Then I read JenniS’s comment…

  2. Anonymous says

    Next time you might have to give yourself a run up of three months rather than three days, but I like what you did there.

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