#1001 1000th post

Like I said yesterday, a minor error in my numbering system about 120 posts ago has left me one number out on all my posts. So this post, number 1001, is actually my 1000th. I have nothing more to say than thank you all for reading and commenting and critiquing. It’s been fun. I’ll leave you with my current song obsession – I know this much is true by Spandau Ballet. And the title of my first book, should I ever write one (I came up with this while driving back from breakfast this morning): The Devil Rides Fixed Gears – a study of hipsters. I’m off to Christchurch tonight for Christmas but I’ll try to keep posting like normal from there – depending on when my sister has her baby. Thanks again friends.


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  1. oldgirl says

    congratulation. I have enjoyed coming into work each day and reading your posts. I think you choose the more interesting and with the comments do a book it would be a fun read. Have a great Xmas we may see you down in the deep south in March.

  2. Anonymous says

    The first thousand is always the most challenging.

    Your next blog should be called Scheherazade.

    I will buy your book (the simpler ‘Hipster’ sound good to me).

    William Underwood

  3. Leonie says

    Congratulations Isaac. You’ve a lot of admirable qualities which consistently surface in your blogging. You are persistent, focused, honest and personable. You write what you think, are prepared to change your mind, are positive in your critiquing and a joy to read. I like you. This is a great milestone to have achieved. And soon to be uncle!

  4. k says

    Isey! 1000 POSTS! That is exciting, but I am more excited and intruiged about what you might say in your book on hipsters. I imagine it would be very fun to research – I hope you include a section on a certain fixie-obsessed kid we both know (no names). Hope Christchurch is fun.

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