#1002 My new style icon is an eight year old boy

It’s true. He’s like the young Dalai Lama of awesomeness. I watched The Boy in the Striped Pajamas on my flight to Christchurch. The movie itself starts well, middles well, but ends unsatisfactorily. If you haven’t seen it, in brief it’s the story of a young boy named Bruno whose father runs a concentration camp near Berlin. Only he doesn’t know it’s a concentration camp, he thinks it’s a farm. Bruno befriends a young Jewish boy on the inside and slowly realises (in a very roundabout/I’m too innocent to really understand anything kind of way) what’s going on. It’s frustrating, moving and an exercise in futility (you already know this kind of movie is only going to end in tears) all at the same time. The best bit for me though, was the clothing. Bruno’s clothing. School boy shorts, check. Shirts, check. Braces, check. Sweater vests, check. Brown oxford shoes, check. Long socks, check check check. Even a few double breasted suits (with short pants) thrown in there for good measure. The perfect uniform for summer.

Lots more pictures below.

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  1. k says

    Gosh that boy is adorable. That second picture is my favourite. I am down with the outfits, especially the braces, but maybe not the sweater vests. It takes a special kind of someone (above the age of 10/12) to pull one of those off I think…

  2. Anonymous says

    Totally agree re. the clothes but think you are a bit harsh rer. the film generally. I saw it at the theatre when it first came out. One of the most moving films I have seen in years. Stayed with me for days. And, yes – although you can guess the outcome to some extent, the HOW it happens is the bigger point. I am a parent – myabe that makes a difference. Seeingit not on a plane would also be a good idea. it’s well worth it.

  3. Jo says

    completely of topic but –

    Heard from a couple of sources that Myhart has closed? Is this true?!?

    Online store? Workshop store? What’s the haps?!?!

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