#1003 MYHART to go, Lonely Hearts to grow

The Twitterverse tells no lies – Auckland boutique MYHART has closed its doors for good, as of today, 21 December, 2009. MYHART’s Steve Ferguson writes:

“Having a retail store has been a fantastic experience and working alongside some amazing creatives has been greatly rewarding. The recent distribution [of Lonely Hearts] into all three Area 51 stores and our rapidly expanding export business has prompted our decision to concentrate on the wholesale growth of Lonely Hearts. So fear not Auckland customers! Your favorite Lonely Hearts pieces will be sold through Area 51 in Newmarket and now in High Street central city. Lonely Hearts will also be launching a new website and dedicated online store (Lonely collection only) in mid January to coincide with new season deliveries! You will also see many other exciting developments from Lonely Hearts as we move onwards and upwards. We would like to thank all the wonderful customers who have supported us over the years. See you all in the New Year and Merry Xmas!”

I for one will be sad to see the retail presence go, but hey, it’s been a bloody tough year out there so who can blame them? Plus we all know online is the way of the future. Eh? Eh? Eh? All the best to Steve and the Lonely Hearts team. Can’t wait to see what you do with your net-shop.


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  1. Nicole P says

    I am crying. I loved that shop! Oh well i guess I will have to go to area 51 now which i dont mind but I dont like how its in newmarket now…for some reason it kind of kills it for me?

  2. says

    What??!!! Oh man…..I’m an online freak when it comes to clicky, clicky, buyee, buyee but I also count the tactile experience of shopping as part of the purchasing experience and price of the garment. Gutted. Area 51 is fine I guess.

  3. Jo says

    So sad – loved the beautiful Myhart store, really don’t like Area 51….

    On the upside got a 50% off top at their sneaky sale on Sunday.

  4. Anonymous says

    Auckland is still such a shopping wasteland – esp at this time of year!

    Myhart will be missed for it’s selection…

    Children of Vision is in St Kevin’s Arcade on K’Rd in Auckland – and it’s all already online too:

    support adventurous local stores!!

  5. Anonymous says

    have you been to high st recently? it’s empty.. everyone’s going to Westfields to do their xmas shopping where there is nearby newworld or countdown,pak’nsave. no place for high fashion boutiques

  6. Anonymous says

    Children of vision is too unwearable for my liking. thou i do appreciate their collection of clothes.. I rather spend $ on classic cool clothes at Workshop then weird expensive stuff at Children of vision. That’s just my own opinion.
    Country Road is having 50% sale on Boxing day!

  7. G says

    Thats so dumb!
    Internet shopping will never be able to top the atmosphere and experience of stores like MYHART.
    It’s very sad to hear, was a wonderful shop.
    Stink about the other designers they stocked as well…
    Thank goodness for Children of Vision!

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