#1004 Help me. Somebody please help me

I woke up this morning to find that I’ve been locked out of my isaaclikes.com mail account. No explanation given, no suggestion for a plan of attack, just a simple error message: “This domain has been disabled”. Does anybody know what I can do to solve this problem? As far as I know I haven’t violated any terms of use, I’ve paid all my bills and my account isn’t over its limit. I’m stuck! If anybody can help me I would be oh so appreciative. My email address (that’s still working) is isaac.hm@gmail.com

In happier news, my sister should have a new baby girl in the next couple of hours. I guess it’s the cycle of life. With death (of my email account) comes new life.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Sounds like you’ve been hacked! You need to contact whoever hosts the email account – probably whoever you’re paying for the domain name…might turn out they’ve had a phishing attack…

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