#1008 Taylor Boutique runners up in Air NZ uniform comp

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Air New Zealand and Trelise Cooper still aren’t talking about their upcoming uniform collaboration, but that’s okay because other people are, and I’ve heard how the competition went down. According to my sources, after Air New Zealand put the call out to local designers for submissions, they received 22 entrants. From the 22, five designers were shortlisted. They were Kate Sylvester, WORLD, Alexandra Owen, Taylor Boutique and Trelise Cooper. Five were whittled down to three – I’m told they were Alexandra Owen, Taylor Boutique and Trelise Cooper. The final two in the running (this is starting to sound like a reality TV show) were Taylor Boutique and Trelise Cooper, and both designers were made to present their designs twice to a committee before the contract was finally handed to Trelise Cooper.

According to Vicki Taylor of Taylor Boutique, “Air New Zealand told us that we had the function nailed, but Trelise Cooper had the ‘wow’ factor. We presented 21 garments which were somehow scraped together in four days, but the amount of work that went into it was huge. We interviewed countless Air New Zealand staff members about their current uniforms and what they’d like to see changed. They’re fashion garments but they have to serve a purpose – they still have to look good after a 15 hour long haul flight. Air New Zealand really loved what we’d done but unfortunately we missed out in the end.”

Here’s the interesting bit – Air New Zealand refused to disclose how much the contract was worth. “We didn’t know if it was going to be $20,000 or $200,000. We kept asking but they always told us that it would be decided in the contract phase,” said Taylor.

And why haven’t we heard anything about this before? Two words which are starting to sound all too familiar: confidentiality contract.

More as I find out.


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