#1010 A Single Man

Remember how good everything looked the first time you ever watched Mad Men? Tom Ford’s A Single Man is like that but way way way better. I’ve just seen the trailer for the first time and holy moly it looks good. Thick rimmed tortoise shell spectacles, store bought haircuts, 60s suits, tie bars and pocket squares… The only problem – its New Zealand release date. 6 May 2010. The wackness. Until then I’ll have to content myself with the little stockpile of photographs from the film that I’ve assembled below. Unless I can catch it while I’m overseas. Or on a plane? I’m flying to Milan on the 14th of January, but that’s with Emirates. And I get the feeling that they might not allow a film like A Single Man to be played on their flights. I could be wrong though. Someone once told me the reason it takes films so long to arrive here is because they only make a certain amount of reels, then post them from countries of importance to countries of less importance to countries of no importance and then finally to New Zealand. The joys of a tiny population, a weak economy and geographic obscurity.

Photos below.

Images /Filmofilia


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  1. Anonymous says

    Actually, Isaac, New Zealand often gets films before most other countries. Our small population is a good testing-ground.

    Film reels aren’t handed down, except perhaps within a company within a country; Blenheim’s cinema gets used reels from Auckland, and therefore later release dates, for example.

    The reason this film will be released in New Zealand so late is because it isn’t a mainstream film and will have very limited release within this country.

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