#1012 A little ditty

When I was younger I had dreams of being a musician. I played the guitar for years and I’ve always loved singing – karaoke is pretty much my favourite night out ever. My Dad’s a singer/songwriter and whenever I come home for the holidays we spend hours playing guitar and singing songs. Anyway, I recorded myself in the living room at Nana’s house (note the bookshelves of deep mahogany lined with many leather bound books) singing Stay by Lisa Loeb – a 90s classic. It’s one of my favourites. So this video shows what it’s like at the old family house – sitting around in pyjamas singing a few songs.


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  1. Anonymous says

    I’ve never looked at your blog, and I had already decided, entirely without basis, that you must be a pretentious snob and an asshole. Instead it seems that I am. Anyway, my first 2010 New Years resolution is to stop being so…. bitchy and prejudice. My second is to take time out to explore other creative pursuits and interests that I have outside my main focus. I believe that creativity is linear afterall, and yet I’m surprised by your talents. Go figure I guess. I like you Isaac and I love your rendition of one of my closet favourite artists. You have treated Lisa’s song with the sensitivity and respect it deserves, and yet bought something beautiful and unique to it. I’m sorry I doubted you, you are an inspiration. What I’ve seen of your blog so far reinforces this discovery, and now I see what all the fuss is about. I wish you very good tidings and new years cheer. :) x

  2. lar says

    god isaac.. i really do hope this is a joke?????

    leave singing and playing to the people who can actually do so

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