#1013 Quote of the day – The Style Guy

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“I think it’s about common sense. A lot of people don’t have that. The rules are made to be broken but you have to know them to do it right. Anybody who’s really stylish breaks the rules.By dressing expressively you figure out who you are and what works for you. By knowing what you like you find out more about yourself. That sounds pretentious but it’s true. It’s important to have a sense of occasion, which people have lost. There’s a great book called Sex and Suits, by Anne Hollander. She talks about tuxedos and says if all the men in the room are wearing dinner clothes then instead of making them all look the same it actually emphasizes their differences. I think people really miss that, not formality, but having a standard. It doesn’t make you a victim if you’re wearing a suit and tie.”

Glenn O’Brien, The Style Guy.
[A Continuous Lean]


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  1. Anonymous says

    Isaac I have been reading your blog for over a year and I think it’s one of the most interesting websites in the country. You always have very intelligent thoughts, links, photos etc.

    However I must take issue with your claim that you are a journalist.

    Maybe journalists can accept gifts from stores while maintaining their integrity. Maybe they can post un-checked gossip as fact. Maybe they can do many of the things that blur the line between traditional journos and bloggers.

    But in my opinion when you ram together a bunch of quotes to form one perfect super-qoute (as you have done above) without so much as an ellipses to warn the reader that the speaker wasn’t actually as eloquent as you are making him out to be, then you forfeit any entitlement to the role of journalist.

    I’m sorry to have a go because I am truly a fan of your blog, but it is just that, a blog, not journalism.


  2. says

    Fair call @anon above, I should have put in the ellipses, but, like you said it did make it sound more eloquent.

    I don’t believe I have ever called my blog journalism have I?

    It’s a blog!

  3. Anonymous says

    my mistake, I thought I had read the word “journalist” on your blog at some point over the last year or so.


    Happy New Year.

  4. says

    Not at all. I think it’s a fair point that you’ve raised and if I have at any stage called myself a journalist then I should be corrected.

    I haven’t done a journalism degree nor have I ever had journalist training from a particular publication.

    Everything I’ve learned has been on the job – through trial and error – or through the advice of a couple of journalist/blogger friends.

    I like to think I’m objective – despite receiving the occasional freebie, and that the un-checked gossip as you call it comes from reliable enough sources.

    But at the end of the day this is a blog and a lot of it is my personal opinion – so there’s not very much objectivity to that.

    I’m more than happy to keep discussing this further if anybody has any more questions or comments.


  5. Anonymous says

    Nah you’ve cleared it up nicely. The objectivity and integrity @Leonie pines for can still be found. Look at John Irvine or Martin Geissler at ITV or anyone at Al Jazeera.

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