#1014 Comment of the year – Anon on Air New Zealand

Does Air New Zealand have something to hide?

What’s going on?

Last time round poor Elizabeth Findlay would have hit her head against a middle management brick wall. Zambesi delivered what Nana Koru asked for and Zambesi did accomplish something unique in the uniform history of Air New Zealand. They unveiled a uniform that symbolised the airline’s leadership quality; tired, generic and faded middle management. Rob’s mob.

Everything is confused, billboards, aircraft livery, publications, napkins, trays, cabin furnishings, there’s simply no consistent brand signature. Personality appears in shades of grey unless you’re a font.

Air New Zealand staff face a fashion Rugby World Cup every day. They line out against:

Virgin Atlantic and John Rocha

Singapore Girls and Pierre Balmain

Delta and Richard Tyler

Air France and Christian Lacroix

There are bigger questions to be asked:

Why hide details of the contract?

There is no commercial reason to be secretive. There is probably more promotional value in exposing the uniform’s evolution over time rather than clinging to the premature climax of a launch party. Not even Lady Penelope came at the last one.

Why hide the cost from the taxpayer

The New Zealand taxpayer is entitled to transparency.

Why hide the process from staff?

In your post Vicki Taylor mentions presenting pieces but Trelise Cooper was chosen because of her “wow factor”. How can the design be final without widespread staff consultation? If I put a “w’ on each of my bum cheeks will that spell “wow” as I pull on my boots?

Why has Air New Zealand selected a designer who does not make men’s clothing?

“Her original business vision to create distinctive and directional clothing for women aged 30-55 is still a strong influence in the Trelise Cooper brands” From www.trelisecooper.com

What kind of global business associates itself with tags like MILF, Freshmeat, and CrystalMeth?? Porn industry? Drug barons? Misogynists? Watch this pitiful grabaseat advertisement on youtube and find out.

I do not want my uniform associated with 30–55 year old MILF.

Who is $$ benefiting by hiding this project?

The brand power of the Air New Zealand uniform is tested in the air terminals, aircraft, and hotel lobbies of the world. That’s where the public and our staff determine the value of our uniform. There was a time when from Dallas to Frankfurt people would stop and say “that’s Air New Zealand”. They made us proud because they meant “that brand means New Zealand.”

I saw someone mention Barbara Lee in another post; that uniform was loved by staff and customers; it was practical, stylish, and beautiful Pacific colours yelled “New Zealand”. Bring back the image of punching above our weight. Barbara Lee still does some sharp work.

Air New Zealand needs quality decision making to deliver a global brand image, not just a uniform. The uniform maintains the brand image by celebrating the nation and staring down the competition.

That’s who we are.

Air New Zealand management, do everyone a favour, stop disappearing up the ‘o’ in ‘wow’, and get back to basics.”



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  1. Anonymous says

    If people wish to remain anonymous then leave them alone. We all thought you would have learned that lesson by now seeing as how you’ve angered quite a few of us with your insistent snooping.

  2. oldgirl says

    that is the best comment on this silly air new zealand uniform. I was pleased to see they thought Barbara Lee did a good, smart uniform. It is about feeling proud but also a uniform airline uniform should make us feel safe in the air,I know that is silly to say but that is how I feel. issac have a good New Year I think you may be at a friend of mines party in the big smoke,I will be down here in the deep south watching boring old T.V. and thinking of the good times I had when I was young. Happy New Year

  3. Anonymous says

    OMG Isaac!!!

    Air NZ has released pics of Trelise’s new uniform on its staff website.

    They are absolutely HIDEOUS.

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