#1016 Haaaappyyyy Happy Haaapppyyyyy

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It’s that time again… New Year’s Eve. So much pressure, so many expectations, so little time. I’m in Christchurch still trying to figure out what to do. Some people are saying a small house party, others are saying a big field party 30 minutes drive away, I just want to sing me some karaoke at Christchurch Idol on Manchester Street (I’m all class). Have fun friends, don’t get yourselves into too much trouble, these city streets will be dangerous tonight so stay safe. I’ll leave you with the above photo – new crew neck sweatshirts by Rodarte. The one on the left features male model Ethan James, the one on the right says ‘J’aime Rodarte’. It’s been about five years since I last wore a crewneck sweatshirt – Karen Walker used to make them for men every season – but I stopped wearing them about the same time I stopped wearing hoodies. That one on the right has relit the candle though.

Catch you next year.


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  1. oldgirl says

    well I had a fun New Year in spite of myself. friends have built a small hotel at the beach they rung and asked us for drinks,well coffee for me, so had new year looking over the sea with a lot of local people I did not know but turned out to be cool. A couple of really old jazz muzso played and I got home at 2am fired up on coffee, so I have made a resolution to just go to things again, you never know who you will meet and my just have fun. If anyone comes to Dunedin check out Pier24 at stClair it is very cool.

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