#958 Thank you Sunday

Image /Sunday Magazine

I had the great honour and privilege of being chosen as one of Sunday‘s best dressed of 2009. The article ran on Sunday just this past week and included a little Q&A about where to find good clothes (Crane, Working Style, Wunderkammer, Fabric), what Kiwis should wear less of (board shorts, jandals, singlets), what I can’t live without (beige pants, sweaters) etc. Those questions are always so hard to answer without sounding like a dork but I did my best. Anyway, thanks to Sunday for including me on your list. I was extra chuffed.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Well done! Shame about the horrible typo – should be New Zealanders’ not “New Zealander’s”!!

    Gosh I hate it when people misuse apostrophes…

  2. Anonymous says

    I thought it was weird that they had two sisters and presumably a mother-daughter team, but it doesn’t say that anywhere…? And it doesn’t say what any of them are actually wearing in the photos either?

  3. Anonymous says

    I’m sorry but was very disappointed with the whole article. Not that I have anything against Auckland style but I felt it was a very young crowd who were separated with about only one degree. Would have loved to have seen more diversity on what people think of as personal style and would have loved to have seen a more established style rather than name dropping

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