#961 Lord of the Bling challenge lined up for ANTM

Image /WORLD

It’s getting pretty hard to keep up with all the wild rumours flying around about America’s Next Top Model. Is Tyra Banks here already? Does she arrive tomorrow? Tuesday? Nobody seems to know for sure. I got an 80% confirmation today from a good source that Andre Leon Talley will be here as a guest judge, but that’s still only 80%. But here’s one I’ve just heard from a reliable source that (if it does go ahead) is absolutely hilarious. A challenge named Lord of the Bling. As in, an iced-out play on the only thing New Zealand has ever done that anybody’s ever heard of – Lord of the Rings. If it does go ahead, no doubt they’ll be calling WORLD to use their Swarovski crystal covered Winter 2009 collection (pictured above). You don’t get much more bling than that. I gave Francis Hooper from WORLD a call to see what he could tell me but he declined to comment, stating that he’d signed the confidentiality contract. The USD$5,000,000 confidentiality contract. That’s a whole lotta bling.

More as I find out.


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  1. Anonymous says

    No, you sign it and if there are any series content leaks that they can trace back to you, you owe them a [expletive deleted for Isaac’s sake] of cash to compensate them for lost advertising through reduced viewership.

  2. Anonymous says

    You sure seem to find out the gossip very quickly- Im just wandering if you had to choose the NZ jewellery designers for this challenge who would they be as we are quite slim pickings for bling jewellery?

  3. says

    Wow…Isaac I just viewed ur profile and i gotta say this..I LIKE IT!!! Especially bout this whole ANTM and Miranda Kerr thing!!! I wonder why nobody is there when Miranda arrived. I’ll follow her until her hotel!

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