#962 Miss Jay has landed in Auckland

Image /The A List

Miss Jay is in New Zealand! The fabulous (and towering – he’s like six foot four) America’s Next Top Model judge arrived in Auckland just moments ago, and was snapped coming out of the gates by photographer Norrie Montgomery. Norrie welcomed him to New Zealand and Miss Jay was heard commenting to the American PR rep that “photographers are very polite over here”. Good to hear, good to hear. No sign of Tyra Banks as of yet, but rumour has it at the airport that another ANTM group is going to walk through customs momentarily.


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  1. Jo says

    So freakin’ exciting!!

    Any idea where they’re staying – not that I’m sad enough to stalk – okay I am…any idea?

  2. Anonymous says

    “ed hardy?……… lol” I have to second that.. I don’t know how people who are meant to be judging fashion or things in that ball park can happily wear something as garish and tacky as Ed Hardy and have the nerve to judge others. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that I don’t like Ed Hardy.

  3. Anonymous says

    I bet if you moved the suitcases out of the way he would be wearing a pair of Juicy Couture trackpants to go with his tee. So LA.

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