#963 Christopher Kane on bloggers

“It’s a bit mad, isn’t it? It feels like it’s happened all of a sudden and at some shows this season the front row was just all bloggers. I think it will die down though, and people know what they are doing. No one who wants to read a serious review of a show is going to look at what a 14-year-old thinks. But it has become more critical; people can say what they want about anyone on a blog without consequences and that’s quite scary. There are real repercussions for a designer if a photo of something is leaked by a blog; it can be copied in a fortnight and that can really harm a business. You have to be much more careful now.”

[Vogue UK]


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  1. Anonymous says

    Christopher must be really young and inexperienced. If he wasn’t then he would know that stuff was being leaked and copied well before the bloggers got involved in going to fashion shows.

  2. Anonymous says

    Bloggers are the way of the future for media – for all industries / aspects of life. And, like all forms of media, there are some that do it well, and some that don’t. Power to the people!

  3. yoyo says

    Are you guys serious? Hes so right and his opinions are very much justified.

    Anon 1.. I think he was trying to point out that due to increase in popularity of blogging, things are more often leaked and copied. I think it is you that must be young and inexperienced because your posting anonymous comments on a blog.

    Also, try and imagine people that have worked their way up through the fashion industry all their life. They have earned their position and their opinions are to be valued. Now any 14 year old girl with a quirky sense of style is suddenly more relevant and knowledgeable????

    I dont think so. Blogging is just a quicker, easier way to fame. Try 5 years in fashion school and subsequent years spent interning for little-no pay.

  4. Anonymous says

    CK is in fact young and inexperienced as he’s 25/26 years old. As for who I am, how old I am and my level of experience in the industry, well, quite frankly, that’s none of your business. However, I can tell you, from experience, that blogging hasn’t increased leaking and copying; we have cameras, in particular digital ones, to thank for that.

    How easy do you think it is to pay off a design house employee to leak some photos of a rivals designs? Answer: Very!

    Fashion, just like any other artform, is subjective. Therefore, anyone, even a 14 year old, is allowed to have an opinion about it regardless of whether they went to fashion school or not.

    As for all those that did choose to go the fashion school route, that’s their problem. How many professional fashion journalists do you think actually went to fashion school? Not many, if any! 😉

  5. Peaches says

    SOMEBODY’s distinctive comma use tells me that a certain blogger who has been asked not to comment is commenting anonymously… 😉

    That aside, I think Tavi Gevinson’s a scam. Someone’s writing for her, or coaching her at least. No 13-year-old has the 90s cultural references that she scatters through her writing.

    Blogging in the main is a triumph of style over substance. Like most things, the strong will survive.

  6. Anonymous says

    Peaches, the haughtiness of a certain segment of the Auckland fashion industry never ceases to amaze me.

    The gulf between what you think you know and the facts is so vast it could be considered astronomical.

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