#964 Jay Manuel is here!

A bunch of media camped out at Auckland Airport this morning to catch a glimpse of the America’s Next Top Model talent coming in. First up, judge Jay Manuel. Production staff stood waiting with umbrellas to shield the stars, but they did little more than confuse the proceedings – and the people they were attempting to cover. Jay Manuel was much taller in life than you’d expect, and very cool under the pressure of five or so video cameras sprung straight in his face. At one point the crowding did get a little too close for comfort, and a few of his suitcases were knocked off the trundler. He was a good sport about it all though, and didn’t seem to mind picking up his own luggage – with a little help from me. When asked what he was doing in New Zealand, he answered, “Finding a Top Model, of course!”

More shots below.


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