#965 Why is Miranda Kerr in NZ?

Big surprise of this morning at the airport was seeing Australian supermodel, Victoria’s Secret Angel and girlfriend of Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr arriving in Auckland. Exactly why she is here is hard to say. I initially thought she must be coming in as a guest judge for America’s Next Top Model, but seeing as she walked straight past the US production staff without so much as a sideways glance (as opposed to their jumping forward with umbrellas like they did for anybody else involved with the show), that looks semi unlikely. Despite being the only supermodel-looking arrival of the day, and the only one in the whole airport wearing black Wayfarers inside, besides me and Norrie none of the other media seemed to pay her any attention at all. All I can say for sure is that she is a mega babe.

More shots below.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Did no one pay attention when ‘Lord of the bling’ was mentioned? you didn’t think Peter Jackson was going to judge it did you? The next best thing is an elfs supermodel girlfriend.

  2. Anonymous says

    this is more exciting than top model! miranda is extremely beautiful and lovely. talk about not your average airport stroller!

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