#967 First look at the ANTM contestants

Here’s how it went down. Three America’s Next Top Model production staff waited up the front with two umbrellas in hand. The first girl came out with a headscarf wrapped around her face and huge dark glasses. She happened to be African American. The production staff rushed forward, attempting to cover her from view. The media also rushed forward, knocking the production staff aside… “TYRA! TYRA! How long are you here in New Zealand for? Happy Birthday Tyra! Tyra! Tyra! What can you tell us about the show? Why did you choose New Zealand? Tyra!!!!” I stood watching to one side, shouting at everyone. “That’s not Tyra! That’s a contestant!” Nobody listened to me. They all followed her outside, forming a giant cameraman scrum. The other contestants followed, virtually ignored by the media. There were either four or five girls, it was hard to say – they were moving so quickly. Three in particular were very strongly guarded, one (as you can see above) was allowed to be photographed. All I can gather from that is that there are three girls left in the competition but a few other decoy girls have been brought over here to confuse everybody.

More shots below.


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  1. says

    There might be some decoys, but there should be about six girls. I can’t imagine that they would have the just the final 3 in New Zealand. That would mean only one challenge, one photo shoot and then the runway show.

  2. Anonymous says

    America’s Next Top Model are currently filming at the top of Mt Eden FYI… I have confirmed reports… 7 minutes ago from TweetDeck

    GO GO GO!!!

  3. Anonymous says

    Any idea on when they are meant to be coming to Rotorua? Heard they were doing part of the show in Rotorua … i’m there obviously.

  4. Anonymous says

    well i saw on tv3 news last night that there was a darker girl then the one above in the purple tank top, getting into a car for go-sees…..

  5. Anonymous says

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