#968 Shot of the day – shout out from Mr Jay

Image /MrJayManuel Twitter

I’ve done my dash of America’s Next Top Model paparazzi chasing for the day. 7am airport. 12 noon Mt Eden summit – on foot. 2pm Standing in the rain outside Cybele to almost catch a glimpse of two contestants (those producers are getting very good with their umbrellas – see below). Apparently after that they headed to Kate Sylvester, then possibly Zambesi. All I wanted was Tyra Banks, but there’s still no sign of her. I’ve heard two things – she’s checked into her hotel already, and she’s not in the country yet. No idea which is correct. But the highlight of my day was definitely receiving a Twitter shout out from Jay Manuel (above). Holla! If you’re not too busy tonight, check out Close Up at 7pm. They did a little interview with me about my Tyra-mania.

One more shot below.

One of the (heavily guarded) ANTM contestants coming out of Cybele on K Road this afternoon.


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  1. says

    saw a very lost young lady wandering around k rd with a camera crew and all i could think was “my GOD i look like crap”. still though omg omg very excite!

  2. Anonymous says

    Whaaaaat? They’ve going to Showroom22…that your flatmate Murray Bevan owns and solely runs…and you have so little info? Isaac…do tell….

  3. oldgirl says

    looking good on the t.v. really good for your blog. this is still not as interesting as your day on the island, need to keep us updated on that too

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