#969 Nigel Barker arrives, still no Tyra

Katherine and I camped out at the airport from five this morning to catch a glimpse of Tyra Banks as she came through the gate. Because she was definitely going to come through the gate. Or so we thought. I received a tip-off last night that was so certain, I was convinced she’d be on the first flight in. No such luck. Maybe somebody just thought it’d be funny to get me out of bed at 4:15am. You know who you are. There will be repercussions. But we didn’t go home entirely empty handed, America’s Next Top Model judge/photographer Nigel Barker was first out of the gate from the LA flight. And yes, he’s just as tall and good looking in real life as he is on the show. According to a source he’ll be shooting the remaining ANTM contestants tomorrow somewhere in the Auckland region.

But more importantly, where you at Tyra Banks??

More shots below.


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  1. oldgirl says

    I bet they do the final runway show wth Trelise Cooper range it has all the frills and over the top look they like for the final show.I really can not think who else they would use, I would love it to be NomD

  2. Sophie says

    The models were at sylvia park today, I work at Borders and spent some time searching through some raunchy magazines after one of them (little blonde) wanted to see our selection of “lesbian mags”!!

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