#973 David Jones is why Miranda Kerr is in New Zealand

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A couple of Australian newspapers answered my Miranda Kerr question from the other day – she’s here in New Zealand to shoot the latest David Jones campaign. I haven’t actually sighted the newspapers myself, nor could I find the articles online, but a good friend in Australia called me up a moment ago with the news. Where they’re shooting is anyone’s guess, I’d assume somewhere picturesque and New Zealand-centric like those snow capped Lord of the Ring mountains. No word yet on whether Legolas will be joining her or not, but I’m at the airport just about my whole life these days, so if he arrives rest assured I’ll start snapping.

Update: I’ve just received a comment saying that Miranda Kerr is apparently here to film America’s Next Top Model like I first thought. To be honest, I don’t know what to believe anymore, and I’ve all but lost faith in newspapers. Stuff.co.nz is reporting that Tyra Banks is in New Zealand, the Sunday Star Times is reporting she arrives on Tuesday, who to believe?


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  1. Anonymous says

    Hmmm this is strange, a friend does the PR for Boh Runga jewellery and they’re gifting Miranda some tomorrow, I was told she is here for ANTM

  2. Anonymous says

    i’d say top model too, though DJ’s sounds plausible too, seeing as she is the face (yes?). she’s so beautiful.

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