#976 NZ photographer Monty Adams shooting ANTM this weekend?

Image /Monty Adams

One of New Zealand’s most acclaimed photographers, Monty Adams, is rumoured to be shooting the America’s Next Top Model contestants this weekend. The photographer (who also shot the girls on New Zealand’s Next Top Model) was unable to confirm the rumour when called, but said that the shoot was “a possibility”. In other Top Model news, the girls are currently shooting a challenge at Sentinel Road Beach in Herne Bay. Like right now. As we speak. Correction – false alarm. It seems it wasn’t Top Model filming after all. Darkness.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Isaac – was at work on sunday (so I’m guessing the ANTM girls weren’t here yet) a girl rushed in with a film crew and asked us where emma ford swimwear was. We let her know etc then another woman rushed in and got us to sign a wavier asking if we didn’t mind appearing a new american fashion show. She couldn’t tell us anything more. Said it will prob eventually appear on tv here.

    Hmmm? Heard anything?

  2. Anonymous says

    They were here on Sunday, they had Lunch (smokes and drinks), at Degree in the Viaduct. They had the camera crew, umbrellas and security in tow.

    All four of them had yellow envelopes with cash allowances in to pay for the order.

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