#977 THESE ARE OUR FRIENDS from Pilot Magazine

I’d like to be the world’s first fashion writer who never mentions the clothes. For me, it’s about the people and the experience. I thrive on high stress, triumphant successes and rock bottom failures. My best work is done when I’m excited, stressed or terrified. Running around a city trying to make it to 10 shows and recapping the anecdotes. I love sitting backstage, just watching everything come together. Everybody can see what the clothes look like; I want to show people what it’s like to actually be there. They say a picture paints a thousand words. I want my words to paint a thousand pictures. I’m inspired by the belief that anything is possible. If you want to do something, do it. Everything good I’ve ever done has come from being somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be or talking to somebody most people wouldn’t. I fail constantly, but sometimes I win. Either way, there’s always a story to be told.


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  1. anabels says

    And this is why I read you and very little other fashion journalism. I want to know about the back stage melt downs, the moments when it all just flows, the thrill of a show. The clothes I can see and judge for myself.

  2. oldgirl says

    that is why I like you we can all see the shows on line and do not need to be told about them. But you still need to finsh the island story and what has happen to Miss Pearl. All my staff loved it, was one of the best reads around.

  3. says

    i’m a new subscriber to your genius and creativity but have enjoyed all you’ve had to offer so far – muchas gracias for making my days at work seem so short 😀

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