#978 Miranda Kerr already in Queenstown, no sign of ANTMs

Sorry for my lack of blogging, it’s been a bit of a hit and miss day. But more on the miss side. Sources are telling me that Miranda Kerr is already in Queenstown for her David Jones shoot – and that Orlando Bloom has joined her there. No word yet on whether or not they’ll be guest judging the America’s Next Top Model Lord of the Bling challenge. I think it’s a fun idea, so let’s just say it’s more than likely going to happen. (ANTM producers – if you’re reading this, don’t let me down.) As for the Top Model judges, and Tyra for that matter, we’ve had a couple of confirmed sightings in the past few days – one at Skycity and one on K Road, but no photographs. And I’m still yet to lay eyes on her glorious visage. I did spend a good hour sitting in a hotel lobby waiting to see some judges today, but didn’t see some judges. Now I’m at home twiddling my thumbs and wondering what my next move should be. Any ideas?


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  1. Lisa says

    I work at a news company and I’ve just had a tipster email in saying that they’ve had a film crew stationed at Brick Bay/ whisper Cove Snells Beach all day. Reckons the clothes are a good give away that they aren’t New Zealanders.

  2. Anonymous says

    Two of the judges were camped out at the Westin on Saturday afternoon but I guess they may have moved on now.

  3. Anonymous says

    Orlando is in LA, both Women’s Wear Daily and LA Times note he was at the Mulberry party last night, so I don’t think your sources know what they’re talking about.

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