#983 Tyramail! Like, literally

Despite having had no luck whatsoever so far in my hunt for that darned elusive Tyra Banks, I woke up this morning to find a little gem in my mailbox. A cordial invitation from the lady herself (I always want to say Miss Tyra Banks – does anybody know her marriage status?) to join her for luncheon next Wednesday afternoon. Luncheon. So proper. So dignified. So marvelous. Not just luncheon though, the world’s first ever Beauty Inside and Out Diversity Summit. Imagine! I believe the trip involves catching a ferry of some sort – this is all starting to sound a little familiar isn’t it – but I’m fairly sure Tyra’s event is a BYOV (bring your own volleyball). In other Top Model news, everybody has settled in comfortably to Auckland life and there have been numerous sightings including… Andre Leon Talley with Miss Jay and Nigel Barker at SPQR on various days; Miss Jay going shopping on High Street including a brief drop in at Zambesi and even Tyra wine touring it up on Waiheke yesterday. Lovely. Just lovely.


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  1. Anonymous says

    how long are they here for? i thought this trip was going to be whirlwind! ohmygosh, andre at SPQR?! what i’d do to get a glimpse of that, instead of the usual b grade crowd. i wonder if they’re melting in this humidity yet, the weaves?

  2. oldgirl says

    isaac I am so pleased you are off to a island again, I feel there will be a great story to be told. Will Miss pearl be hiding in the trees ready with her volleyballs to throw, or will she just gatecrash the lunch? I need a good read, so tell us all that happens. life is a bit boring down south so we live vicariously through you

  3. says

    A friend of a friend tells me they’re in Q’town tomorrow. Shame the weather down there isn’t looking great. Auckland finally turned it on this week though. Tourism NZ must be over the moon. I’m off to Queenstown tomorrow too (unrelated!), will report back any sightings! But I really don’t want to see the finalists, it would half ruin the show for me which is appointment viewing for me in a kind of love/hate way. My favourite has to be Project Runway. Surely we’re overdue a new series of that?

  4. says

    Andre Leon Talley was in Ponsonby Video Ezy on Tue, didn’t see what he was getting though!

    And saw him again with Nigel Barker at SPQR yesterday having a late lunch.

  5. Loliepopgay says

    i have Nigel’s and Leon’s used forks and knives! also used tissues!!!!!!!!!!!! i will post them up on Trademe soon! yeah!!!! Fashion DNA spits!

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