#985 Tyra’s first official NZ photo

Image /nzherald

Well someone had to get the first official photo of Tyra Banks. I hoped it’d be me, but somehow the NZ Herald managed to scoop everybody. The photo’s caption and accompanying article don’t actually say where they were when they snapped it, but you can see the KEA campervan in the background so you know it’s real. If I sound bitter, it’s because, just maybe, I’m a little bitter. But happy for them. And bitter. A little bitter. More importantly though, Tyra Banks looks smoking! Hot diggity dog. The Herald might have gotten the first photo, but the first official interview went to The Edge‘s Fletch and Vaughan when Tyra was dining at SPQR yesterday. You can listen to the podcast here. For some reason it’s not playing for me, so can somebody please tell me what she says?

UPDATE: I’ve just read on the Herald website that the photo was supplied. So now I don’t feel so bad.


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  1. says

    gor-JUSS! i heart tyra

    on the podcast you can’t actually hear what she’s saying but she’s trying to put on a kiwi accent and ends up sounding more brit than anything. at the end of her little cockney TYRade she yells “kiwi kiwi kiwi!!”

    ain’t she a dream!

  2. Anonymous says

    well she said hi to oz will in a british acsent, i think she was trying to sound kiwi, cos thats all she said “kiwi,kiwi,kiwi?” but yea i think they got a photo before he was kicked out of the restarant in Ponsonby.

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