#986 MORE (supplied) TYRA BANKS PHOTOS

Ok this is absolutely hilarious. I’ve just been sent the rest of the supplied photographs by David Farrier and they’re all completely staged pap shots! Imagine. It’d be like, ‘Hey, Tyra! Act surprised! Ok good. Now cover your face. Perfect. Smile for the camera. Now look a little irritated. Not that irritated! Do it, do it, you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful!’ The best bit is how some of the shots are at weird angles as if the photographer is being held away by security or the car is driving off. The magic of reality TV. Apparently she has one photographer working with her here for this exact purpose. Amazing. Americans do it better. Check all the rest of them out below.


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  1. Anonymous says

    fair competition really. I thought it looked pretty staged I must say – first glance at front page of Herald. And the photographer credit. makes sense now! And we go back to the shameless mainpulation by pr companies and the difficulty of reading between the lines…

  2. oldgirl says

    find photos of all the other who are here like the J’s more interesting than posed photos of miss Tyra. looking forward to hearing about the lunch on THE ISLAND.

  3. oldgirl says

    this has nothing to do with top model.Did anyone else get hooked on the T.V show the cult? I did and the ending was so pathetic and did not tie up loose ends. I am still mad to-day, I wasted so much time watching it. I feel I am owed that time wasted back.At least with realty shows you can check in on how people are doing after it has finshed.I guess real life is more interesting.

  4. Anonymous says

    i was kinda almost liking tyra and forgiving her for her lame talk show “tyra” until i saw these staged oh so american pap shots, how embarrassing is the second to last driving off shot. all shot no doubt in a closed off security aided patch somewhere, how could anyone have kept a straight face, she does look hot though, i must say

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