#991 Quote of the day – Letter to the editor

“Your article Best Dressed [November 28] would indicate that wearing a tablecloth, or your old school blazer 10 years after growing out of it, is the height of chic, and having St Vincent de Paul as your tailor also helps. Clearly I’m too well-dressed to considered best dressed.”
– Vera Prince, Tauranga

[Sunday Magazine 13 December 2009]


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  1. Anonymous says

    Her criticism should be directed at the choice of the guy with blonde highlights – wearing a shirt with sleeves 5 inches too long and a waistcoat outside the context of a 3 piece suit or the like. Mind-boggling. I feel sorry for you being placed on the same list as him.

  2. Anonymous says

    Jeez well if your from Tauranga do you really expect to get on the list? seriously?

    Issac your so chic, you should go live in paris where you will be accepted :)

  3. Anonymous says

    haha. it’s always amusing to see peoples reaction to ‘the best dressed’ list, and i mean non-aucklanders and their complete hate of all aucklanders that blinds any form of logical thought, completely overlooking that, yes, these are well dressed folk, but oh, too many labels and too much AUCKLAND. silly people.

  4. says

    She said it herself…”too well- dressed”…exactly lady, well-dressed does not mean “same as or equal to” BEST dressed!

    Obviously her disdain for St Vincent de Paul attire would also mean she prefers labels or designer clothing? Listen here…labels do not automatically equate to style, it’s how you wear your clothes, not what name is on them or where they are from.

  5. Anonymous says

    NZ-ers never like people to stand out.
    So many back stabbers in the fashion industry!
    Limited by sly people all with secondary agendas…and “gang thug mentality”

    There have been 3 best and worst dressed lists this year and all have failed to get the right people on the right pages….

  6. Anonymous says

    Anon 7.57: “There have been 3 best and worst dressed lists this year and all have failed to get the right people on the right pages….”
    Come on, then. Don’t stop there. Who?

  7. Anonymous says

    Typical Tauranga!

    I agree with fashion westie,expensive labels dont always equal style – it kills me how many people believe that a label automatically makes them stylish or “well dressed” in her case,and anyone that slags off op shops is a fooooooool!!

  8. Anonymous says

    I thought Rachael Glucina’s “Fashion Flops” was pretty bang on. A few very worthy recipients including a friend of yours Isaac….

  9. says

    Vera Prince out of interest is a classical music/voice tutor in Tauranga. I laughed when I read this in the paper on the weekend, knowing who she was and how she dresses 😉

    And just for the record. There are plenty of stylishy dressed people here in Tauranga..

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