#992 Now, in more ANTM news

If you’re extra eager and feel like chasing those Top Models around the greater Auckland region today, here’s what you should do. Catch a ferry from the Auckland CBD to Half Moon Bay (that’s one stop south of Bucklands Beach). My sources tell me that the final contestants are shooting their Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Cover Girl TV Commercial there today – with New Zealand male models. No idea who the male models are, but sources tell me they’re being supplied by 62 Models. Stylists were out and about sourcing clothes for the boys yesterday but not saying a thing.

But tomorrow’s the big day.

And this one came straight from Andre Leon Talley’s mouth (told to two separate sources, not to me). The Top Model production team have been hard at work all weekend building the catwalk for the final runway challenge. The show will feature all New Zealand clothing, and will take place tomorrow at either the Auckland Domain or the Auckland Museum.

I think my invitation might have been lost in the mail.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Dropped hubby off at that ferry earlier and there were no obvious signs (paps, cameras, models, fash packs etc.), although coincidently there was a rainbows end at the bay, I’m sure it follows Tyra wherever she travels.

  2. Anonymous says

    People with invites for tomoz are able to RSVP for any additional people they want to invite. Can’t believe noones invited you Isaac. Or maybe you’re blocked for being a stalker? haha

  3. Anonymous says

    I work in Devonport and saw her walk past my shop window on sunday and ran out onto the street to watch her walk past ahhh so exciting I wish I could of locked the door and done a bit of stalking with my camera but I had frikin customers!! haha

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