#994 Quote of the day – Christopher Kane on bloggers (Take Two)

“People are interested in what they like, it’s a really personal thing and that’s my opinion. You’re allowed to say what you want but sometimes the blogs that you read are really negative and that’s what I meant to say really. Sometimes it’s too negative for my liking and I think maybe they could give someone a compliment or say something nice. But bloggers nowadays seem to be a bit negative… [W]hen it gets to someone’s work and they’re being critical, it’s like ‘Give them a break’. That’s all I meant to say.”

Christopher Kane defending those controversial statements he made about bloggers a fortnight ago.



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  1. Anonymous says

    I read your blog each day because you are positive, quirky, original, warm, stylish, informed, and, all things considered, a pretty rum chap.

    A blogger who ‘does give them a break’.

    Eh wot.

    Anton Candelarb

  2. Anonymous says

    Well, if CK expects everyone to be all happy and nice about what the industry does and the constant rehash of designs we see, over and over and over again, it just ain’t gonna happen! Also, with the overall pretentious haughtiness and narcissism we find in fashion I think the industry sets itself up quite well for being knocked off it’s pedestal.

    If CK only expects to hear nice things about himself and his work he’ll need to rely on his PR for that!

  3. says

    bloggers save us from nothing, generally hv nothing original to say that contributes to any informed discussion and is too often a chance to ANONYMOUSLY slag others off with no justification. personally, I think CK is one of the best young designers in the world, full of vision and new ideas or at least contemporary, thoughful reinterpretations of old ideas: I don’t think he or any other designers at this level rely on rehashing- there is a differnce between being informed by history and replicatiing it. I totally understand a designer of Kane’s stature and ability being slagged off publicly by people who have no idea of the realities of the industry- as a business, a craft and a discipline.

    regarding Tavi Gevinson: until 10mins ago I never heard of her , but checking out her site looks like someones quite consciously taken the cute, twee, nerdiness of ‘Ugly Betty’ and made a life of it in a nice white, middle class homogouous kind of way. cynical? a bit: totally agree that her depth of references is pretty vast for someone who was 3 at Y2K.

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