#1017 Be back tomorrow

Image /The Fashionisto

If you’re wondering why I’ve been so slack on the blogging front of late, it’s because I’ve been summering in sunny Diamond Harbour for the past week. Internet usage has been sporadic, baking banana bread has been constant yet unsuccessful (NB: don’t listen to your father when he tells you no baking powder is necessary in gluten free flour), and baby Sofia and BBC’s 12 part War and Peace mini series have been taking up the best part of my attention. My favourite part of the day – listening to Noelle McCarthy on Summer Noelle from 10am – 12 noon on Radio New Zealand. Nothing beats that Irish lilt. Top of the mornin’ to ya! I fly back into Auckland this afternoon so I’ll be back into the swing of things tomorrow. Plus there are a few Isaac Likes developments to come. So watch this space. One last thing – has anybody else noticed that Boyd Holbrook (pictured above) is a dead ringer for Macauley Culkin?


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