#1017 That good knit

Nothing beats coming home and discovering that your Mum suddenly has all these knitting skills you never knew about. You walk in the door to find her casually casting off into the deep knitted oblivion on a mini cable stitched cardigan for your baby niece – alongside a half double crocheted blankie and some double pointed needled purl booties. Welcome to my world. And don’t you worry, I put those skills to good use. First up, a navy pom pom hat with cream Fair Isle-esque pattern (I made the pom pom). Then, a couple of knitted elbow patches for my grey Comme Play sweater – a combination of chronic leaning on tables plus extra pointy elbows wore some nasty holes in both the sleeves of that sucker. As it happens, the knitted elbow patches were a stroke of genius – they give the sweater even more of a patchworky Comme Des Garcons look. I love them.

More photos below.

Thanks Mum!


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  1. says

    I need lessons with your Mum…I can knit a square but cannot for the life of me cast off. I crap you not that I have the longest scarf in progress (nearly 5 wool balls so far)

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