#1018 Disturbia – the Stella Maxwell remix

You know how it is. It’s winter time, negative degrees outside, you’re sitting around in your room trying to figure out how to occupy the next couple of hours. What to do, what to do… Your eyes glance over to the laptop sitting on your desk. Two words appear in the recesses of your mind. Music. Video. So it must have been for Stella Maxwell and Elise Helene Gatschene on New Year’s Eve in Paris when they decided to take on Rihanna’s mammoth number one single Disturbia. I like it how you can tell they’re really feeling the lyrics. Especially Stella. But especially Helene. And the flickering lights, the post production, the facials… The two models have created their own Youtube account, aptly titled pixiesticks215. (Get it? pixie-sticks-215?) Let’s hope they get onto their next video promptly. You go girls.


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