#1021 The gentleman’s wardrobe

Image /Fantastic Man

The good men over at Fantastic Man posted this image a few days ago and it’s been sitting on my desktop ever since. I can’t stop looking at it. I honestly don’t think it gets any better than this. It’s the perfect man’s wardrobe. Trench coat, overcoat, car coat, suits, tux, dressing gown, pyjamas, shirt options (including collarless), socks, pocket squares/handkerchiefs, ties and bow ties, wing tips, oxfords and patent tuxedo shoes. Amazing. No extraneous details, no tacky printed tee shirts or cargo pants, it’s the bare minimum of what a man would have had in his wardrobe, say, 50 years ago. If we were going to update it for today’s man, I’d do it like this. Trench coat, overcoat, leather jacket, suits (navy, grey), tee shirts (white, grey marle, black), shirts, sweaters (crew neck, vee neck, cashmere or lambswool), cardigans, beige pants, blue jeans, socks, pocket squares, ties, wingtips, navy Chuck Taylors. Done.


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  1. says

    I agree with your post title that this is The Perfect Gentleman’s Wardrobe. But it is certainly not the perfect man’s wardrobe. It is boring, conservative and dated – even with your modern updates. If this were to be considered the perfect wardrobe, then there has been very little evolution in the way we dress, and we would therefore have no need for a fashion industry and there would be no subject matter for this blog to be founded on. Besides, if this were the perfect man’s wardrobe we would all live in New York and trade stocks and bonds for a living.

  2. says

    I’m not against it. I agree it is the perfect gentleman’s wardrobe. I simply have a problem with using the term perfect man’s in place of perfect gentleman’s. x

  3. Anonymous says

    I really wish more men still dressed this way..
    With your updates, I do still think every man needs a bowtie. Just to have around, just in case :)

  4. oldgirl says

    i am worried about you Issac, this is far to boring for good looking young man. Do not be old before your time

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