#1030 My new suit

Photos: James K Lowe

Back in October I wrote a blog called My Next Suit. It was a three quarter length photo of a heavy grey flannel three piece. I was obsessed. I’d seen a picture of it somewhere or other and saved it as my desktop image. I used to look at it every day like Wayne and that guitar: ‘It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.’ A couple of weeks later Working Style called me up saying they were going to make me a suit. I sent them the picture and asked if it could be done. It could. I picked it up way before Christmas but due to all the craziness of the season and that new baby niece and the lack of friends and photographers in Christchurch and the heat and all the rest of it, I never got a chance to take pictures of it. So yesterday I called up my good friend James and asked if he wouldn’t mind doing the honours. I paired it with the pom pom beanie my Mum knitted for me, an old American Crew knitted tie and my Loakes. And yes, as the blue sky would suggest, it was 28 degrees outside. Slightly warm in a heavy three piece suit. I’m going to Europe tomorrow though, so I’m sure I’ll get good use from it there.

All the photos below.


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  1. J says

    You look fantastic.

    I can hear my husband’s jealousy brewing from here! He loves grey suits and though he’s slightly scared of shorter length trousers (comes with the territory of being 6 foot 6 I guess) I’m sure he’d make an exception for the use of the waistcoat.

    Good stuff Isacc!

  2. J says

    Oh and your Q re admin vs liquidation on twitter…basically administration is someone taking over your company to try and work through your problems (and generally run it in a more sensible manner) to pay off the creditors (and mostly the bank) and liquidation is selling off all the bits of your company to pay off the creditors (and mostly the bank).

  3. Anonymous says

    I don’t know why anyone would over do a suit like this with beanie. In fact I don’t know why anyone would wear a beanie with a suit, full stop.

    Knitted tie, yes. But that’s enough.

  4. oldgirl says

    wear if you can make it down south in March. Have a good trip looking forard to all your stories and read that book.

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