#1033 Next stop, Milan

Photo: Jordan Rondel

Nothing beats watching movies on planes. The time flies. Fast and Furious was just as good the second time around. Angels and Demons… not so much. I’ve just flown into Sydney for a 40 minute refuel and stopover before the next leg – a gruelling 14 and a half hour flight to Dubai. From Dubai I take a quick six and a halfer to Milan and then the fun begins. The shows start the morning after I arrive so I’ve got a few hours to catch my breath before the storm. I’m covering the shows, the week, the people and my experiences for the NZ Herald online and my blog, and there’ll be regular updates and snapshots on my Twitter. My plane is boarding so I have to run. Before I leave, something to ponder: I’ve just heard a rumour (via a commenter) that Trelise Cooper has pulled out of the Air New Zealand uniform deal. Obviously that can’t be confirmed but I’ll make some calls in the morning from Dubai. THE RUMOUR WAS INCORRECT – see above.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Not one to goss but I just heard :

    Karuma Doll was seen legless

    Lady Gaga topless

    and the Cooper Orchard trelise !

    Charlie Purse

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