#1034 Rumours false – Trelise Cooper still onboard with Air NZ

I’ve just flown into Dubai and the first thing that popped up on my cellphone upon my arrival was a voicemail message from Trelise Cooper. She was calling to clear up the rumour that surfaced overnight that she and/or Air New Zealand had severed their professional ties. To paraphrase Trelise Cooper, the rumour is entirely false and without substance.

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  1. oldgirl says

    well you now know that she is following all that you blog, and what we all say. I have been thinking if the designs had another designers name on it would we all be so critical or have I been over thinking things as usual.

  2. says

    Like I said on George FM the other morning, it doesn’t matter who designed the uniforms or what they look like.

    New Zealanders hate first, ask questions later.

    Guilty until proven innocent.

    It’s the Kiwi way.

  3. Anonymous says

    The fact that Trelise Cooper was on this project gave me a ray of hope.

    It’s how the uniform looks that’s such a concern.

    I feel a bit sorry for Trelise. She’s a lovely lady who doesn’t deserve the bad press she’s getting. In fairness, I’m sure she is only delivering what the pink shirted jester of Fanshawe St has asked for. Apparently he’s been “strutting around in pink all week” to confirm the final design is not a concept.

    The spin machine obviously forgot to tell Rob they’d spent last week telling the country the design wasn’t final.

    The issue has now been picked up by the British media (one of Air New Zealand’s most important markets) who have asked if Air New Zealand’s outfit is the world’s worst uniform.

    The world’s worst uniform!

    So it’s not just New Zealanders who think the whole thing is vile, – it’s the whole world.”

    So whether Trelise knows it or not she is caught between a rock and a hard place. She’s got a corporate customer who doesn’t have a clue about branding, and whose brief has forced Trelise to come up with something I’m sure she’d never hang in her own shop. She’s in the same trap that Elizabeth Findlay found herself in. With the design hidden until fashion week, Elizabeth didn’t have options to pull her label off, but Trelise does.

    Trelise needs to ask herself whether she’s prepared to risk the good name of the brand she’s built to find herself associated with, what the international media are calling, “the world’s worst flight uniform.” It’s not the worst because Trelise designed it, it’s the worst because that’s what Rob’s mob briefed her to design.

    The brief should have drawn inspiration from the Nina Ricci and Barbara Lee heritage. Those uniforms are proven brand communication tools which impacted positively on Air New Zealand’s image and the brands of two fashion houses who created them.

    Nina Ricci in particular. That uniform is an icon from Air New Zealand’s golden age. It remains iconic because there’s never been one better. In a flash of pacific colour and grace, the Nina Ricci shimmered with all that is good about Air New Zealand, and New Zealand, in the era of the Big 10.

    Trelise, ‘Rob’s mob’ are not your customer. Your customers are the 5000 staff who will wear the uniform and who will spend the next 5 years being asked the same question they’ve been asked for the last 5 years. That question is:

    “What do you think of your uniform?”

    What frontline staff answer will reflect on your brand – in the four corners of the world.

  4. oldgirl says

    you will have to come down to I.D now we have Zandra Rhodes coming with her collection and also vintage collection. ANZFW had Pammie we have a true international designer she may not be the new kid on the block but with all the punk designer she did change a lot how we dresses, also for me I sold her clothes in Aussie in the 70,s so I am looking forward to seeing her collections. Also wait there could be more to come

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