#1035 On the ground in Milan

Photo: James K Lowe

The photo above isn’t me in Milan. But it is the outfit I’m wearing as I type and it’s too dark and cold to take any pictures so it’ll have to do. My trip was good. Especially the 14 hour flight to Dubai. It was the best long haul plane ride I’ve ever taken. Go Emirates. The six hour journey to Milan, not so much. I’d watched all the films I wanted to see – Fast and Furious, Fame, Angels and Demons, Middle of Nowhere, This Is It and The Informant – and the girl next to me slept with her head on my shoulder just like you could imagine happening to George Costanza. Things started looking up as soon as I arrived at my hotel though. The man at the check in counter remembered me from six months ago when I stayed for the summer shows, and I got two welcome Antipodean surprises – Sonny Vandevelde is staying two rooms down, and Michael Whittaker was there to say hello. But most importantly, the shows start in the morning. Ermenigeldo Zegna, Costume National, Jil Sander, Emporio Armani, Burberry Prorsum. All in one day. I’m invited to 60% but I’m hoping for a 100% clean sweep. Wish me luck.

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