#1055 Sweaters, explorers, volume and Twi-hards – my picks of the week from Paris

Hermes – Oh my sweaters. Perfect for those days when you can’t decide between crew or vee.

Lanvin – An officer and a gentleman… and their Rambo-obsessed love child.

Dunhill – The British might have claimed all our explorers as their own, but they can keep their job as official outfitters.

Dior Homme – Boxy suits, voluminous coats and cropped pants – anti-establishment officewear for the disassociated drone.

Ann Demeulemeester – If Vampire-chic’s your bag, and you really wanna run with it (just say you were born sometime in the mid 1800s), you may as well do it looking like this…

Rick Owens – …or this.

Paul Smith – Because after all, fashion’s supposed to be fun right?

Uploaded with my Sierra Wireless data stick on Telecom XT.


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