#1044 Crops, knits, sheepskin and patches – my picks of the week from Milan

Prada – Midriff cropped knits, camel suits and blue oxford shirts. When your clothes look this good it doesn’t matter that you still let your mum cut your hair.

Jil Sander – Patches any gang member would be proud to wear.

Gucci – Take two standard uniform coats (duffel, pea), recreate them in the most luxurious wools imaginable, and hey presto – it’s a sure fire way to raise the class of even the lowliest officer.

Ermenegildo Zegna – Throw out your stiff old blazers. Boiled wool jackets with patch pockets are warmer, more comfortable and ten times cooler – especially in these rich green and blue hues.

Burberry – Doing coats better than everybody else since 1856. Plus that sweater makes me want to mug a policeman.

Moncler Gamme Bleu – If hanging around outside for hours in sub zero temperatures is your bag, you may as well do it looking like this.

Z Zegna – The visible tailoring details on these suits is like a pretentious raspberry blown at everybody who buys cheap off the peg suits. But in that good way. And if that giant coat is as expensive as I imagine it will be, at least it’ll keep you warm when your house is foreclosed.

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All catwalk images: GQ


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  1. J says

    Sometime in the last 2 or 3 years, Frida Gianni just decided that it was about time Gucci was rad, and started doing really cool stuff. That stuff looks so luxurious. Stuff that if one had means, could justify parting with that much cash, not like that tacky ridiculously overpriced DSquared rubbish

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